Boy’s Not Right
2019 / Play

The play tells the story of ‘Joe’, a Primary School teacher whose experiences of disordered eating, alcohol abuse and compulsive exercise have serious consequences, both for himself and those around him. 


“Boy’s Not Right” was written and produced as part of my research and development for the hour long play I’m currently developing, based around the subject of eating disorders in men, “Dough Boy”.


This 30 minute scratch play was performed on October 29th 2019 in The Stanley Arms Pub in Preston. The audience of 60 people included mental health agencies and support workers specialising in eating disorders, and a forum session was held after the performance, which allowed audience members to feedback on the work they’d seen, as well as suggesting changes to be made in the future development of the piece.


The play featured Anthea Carpenter Procter as the voice of Joe’s eating disorders, Orla Cottingham as his long suffering boss, and starred Neil Procter as Joe. Neil himself was diagnosed with an eating disorder in his forties, and his personal experiences formed the basis of my research for this piece.

“Boy’s Not Right” has received interest from University of Nottingham academic Dr Heike Bartel, and I recently travelled to Nottingham to be interviewed for a film being produced as part of her research into ‘Creative ways to start conversations around the topic of eating disorders in men’. She has also included reference to my work in her article ‘Creative Arts and Eating Disorders in Men’ for the forthcoming Palgrave Encyclopedia of the Health Humanities. Heike has expressed interest in bringing the full length play “Dough Boy” to Nottingham, and is hoping to get funding to do so.


Writer: Susan Moffat

Produced by: Lancashire People’s Theatre

Promoted by: Garry Cook ‘Enjoy The Show

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'I really enjoyed it, the play was very powerful and I left exhausted with lots of thoughts about mens problems.'

Jean Mcdonald

'...the unpublished play ‘Boy’s Not Right’ (2019) written and produced by Susan Moffat starring Neil Procter, Anthea Carpenter-Procter and Orla Cottingham... confront(s) its audience with the mental health problems of its main character Joe. For its first performance in 2019 the play utilized the space of a public house, The Stanley Arms pub in Preston... ‘Boys Not Right’ production provoked further engagement through a ‘Pay What You Decide’ donation and a Q&A session at the end of the show interlinking its aim to make theatre accessible for all with the aim of breaking down stereotypes of mental health and eating disorders in men.'


Dr Heike Bartel, Associate Professor in German, University of Nottingham 


Article: 'Creative Arts and Eating Disorders in Men' for the forthcoming Palgrave Encyclopedia of the Health Humanities