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Creative Problem


Dough Boy | Play  | Work In Progress


Boy's Not Right | Theatre project | 2020


Sugar Not Salt | Theatre project | 2018


Here for Humanity | Theatre project | 2021


Deliverance | Theatre project | 2017

Quotes about Projects


I have had the pleasure of working with Susan for years now and she is one of my most regular creative collaborators. As a producer Susan is incredibly dedicated and pragmatic. When I work with Susan I have absolute faith in the project because of Susan's reliability and problem-solving skills.


As a writer Susan creates organic and visceral stories that feel engaging and real. Her writing is grounded in authentic character development that results in scripts that instantly connect with us and take us to deep, emotional places.


And throughout all of this, Susan maintains a positive, personable and professional attitude. This is why she's been my go-to on so many projects. If you get the chance to work with her, I strongly recommend you take it!


Alan Livesey

Film Director & Screenwriter