Live.Write. Creative Writing Workshop

Photos: Garry Cook

On Saturday 11th September I hosted a creative writing workshop as part of Brewtime Preston's Creative Weekender.

Thirteen fabulous writers, at all stages of their writing journeys, joined me to produce short memoirs in a two hour workshop.

Twelve pieces of fabulous writing were submitted, and today I've had the pleasure of publishing them in an anthology on Amazon Kindle and sharing the book with the writers.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

(Click the book cover for the link)

Feedback from the workshop:

"Brilliant workshop, being encouraged to write freely under timed circumstances. Got some great tips/ prompts for improving my creative writing and getting more out of a story. Great stuff, Su!"

"Loved this writing workshop with Su! She made everyone feel welcome and it was such a relaxing and engaging thing to do on a Saturday morning over a coffee. Su guided us through how to collect ideas for re-telling a memory, focusing on the senses. Everyone scribbled away and I can't wait to read what everyone wrote! Thanks Su, really enjoyed it!"

"Its amazing what you can accomplish in two hours when guided to do so. A short true life story worth of being published."

"Sue taught us how to really create a story, going though all the senses and creating all the finer detail using mind mapping. We accomplished loads in that short time fame. I can't wait to see what everyone wrote. For some reason the experience made me reflect on my first ever memory and expand upon this... therefore merging memories with fiction. We discussed how even memories can be subjective."

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