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Following on from last month's creative writing workshop news, and after much consultation, gnashing of teeth, and planning, I've decided to run another workshop!

The workshop details can be found below:

Creating Characters

Why is it important to develop your character?

I think it's fair to say that all of my writing is character driven. Once I've defined the character, the story seems to fall into place. So for that reason, the first part of this workshop will focus on character development, and participants will be guided, using spoken and visual prompts, to develop a fictional character. Once they have a clear understanding of who their character is, they'll be encouraged to write a piece of flash fiction, using more prompts to help them to develop their story.

So what is flash fiction?

A definition I found on Google(!) is:

"Flash fiction is a fictional work of extreme brevity that still offers character and plot development."

Flash fiction is a great place for beginning writers to start, as often the idea of writing lengthy novels is overwhelming. It's and also an equally good way for more experienced writers to hone their skills. Brevity is everything with flash fiction, but it's not an excuse to be lazy! Every single word counts!

Ernest Hemingway was probably one of the most famous pioneers of 'Flash Fiction', and his first short story collection 'In Our Time' is a fantastic example of how to write super-short stories. If you can get over Hemingway's misogynistic tendencies, and his subject matter (he frequently wrote about subjects that most find distasteful these days) he's a fantastic exponent of super short fiction writing. He was just someone you possibly wouldn't want to have dinner with!

If you want to know more about flash fiction, or character development, or just fancy writing and drinking great coffee on a Saturday morning, book yourself onto the workshop on 30th October at The Larder Cafe, Preston.

Tickets via Eventbrite:

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